My grandfather wanted more gallons per minute in his well due to his well drying up in the summer time. I called Holmes Hydrofracturing and he was there the next day. Sean hydro fractured the well and had water the next day for my grandfather. My grandfather couldn't stop talking about how he was able to get him more water. Since then he has had lots of water. I strongly recommend Holmes Hydrofracturing Service. I can't say enough good things about his skills and business that he conducts.
Blake Thompson

Well Abandonment| By Holmes Hydrofracturing

A well that is no longer used or maintained can become a direct pipeline to the aquifer for surface water or run-off. Unused and unmaintained wells threaten the groundwater that supplies your well, and possibly your neighbours’ wells or the aquifer.


Properly closing off the pathway from the ground surface to the aquifer is the process of plugging and sealing a well, also known as decommissioning, or sometimes abandonment. A well owner must, by law, immediately decommission (plug and seal) a well if it is not being used or maintained for future use as a well,

Experienced Workers

Only licensed professionals should attempt to plug or deal with an abandoned well; properly plugging or sealing a water well requires specialized knowledge, equipment and materials and the procedure must adherence to Ontario Ministry or the Environment regulations.

Take the Right Precautions!

1000’s of drilled and dug wells in Ontario are no longer used, don't let the provincial government come down on you. Take the necessary steps to stay within regulations.